DoD Announces Fellowship Opportunities in NC this Summer

Raleigh, NC

What if it wasn't so hard for the best folks you know to serve our country this summer?

That's why today we are launching X-Force--the Department of Defense's 2019 technology fellowship. Joining the X-Force puts talented students and civilians against national security challenges from military units to get solutions this summer. Whether they have skills crafting a modern social media strategy, solving the military's web/mobile/app development problem, researching a tech topic of need for military commanders, or rapidly prototyping a hardware solution, we want them.

Could you please forward this to the best students/civilians you know today?

To apply to X-Force click here now. We are offering both full time engagements (paid by DOD, ~$2,500+/month), located in the vicinity of the military unit (Raleigh-Durham, Wilmington, Atlanta are likely locations) and also remote unpaid service for students and private citizens looking for a chance to serve. The first cohort will run from June 1-August 31 with flexibility on the exact start/end date depending on availability.

For both part time (X-Force,~10 hours a week, remote) and full time (X-Force Fellows collocated in vicinity e.g. Triangle based folks could work for clients in Bragg/Lejeune), the exact tasks will be determined by the project.  We'll know more when the requests come in from units.  However we think the requests will be in tech (web/mobile app development), social media (strategy, content creation/execution), research (open source research of emerging tech) and prototyping (design/build), all couched in lots of end user engagement (interviewing end users, mostly over the phone).  Full time would be expected to have more scheduled visits to the base.  For remote/part time, we would expect all of the work to be done remotely with base/site visits being a bonus.

Deadline for X-Force Fellows applications is Thursday, April 18th at 5 PM ET.

PS--We also encourage you and potential X-Force Fellows to also attend Duke's April 18 Hacking for Defense Demo Day (25 free tickets available, RSVP here). They'll have an opportunity to meet the military hosts, hear about their challenges, see how other students have tackled military problems (and potentially build startups from the experience) and enhance their chances of a match.

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