Fact Sheet

Technology Transition is the process by which technology deemed to be of significant use to the operational military community is transitioned from a science and technology or a commercial off-the-shelf (COTs) innovation into a funded prototype, tested by DoD, and then added as a modification to an existing program of record.

The North Carolina Defense Technology Transition Office (DEFTECH) is a state-funded North Carolina Military Business Center entity. Through education, outreach, networking, and liaison, DEFTECH enables elements of the North Carolina innovation ecosystem to address complex national security problems and increases economic opportunities for businesses in the state. 

The North Carolina innovation ecosystem consists of businesses, the university and community college systems, public-private partnerships, investors, State agencies, and military commands.

DEFTECH serves DoD, federal agencies, and the innovation ecosystem by:

  • Scouting the state for breakthrough technologies 
  • Coaching industry to identify defense applications
  • Communicating federal technology needs
  • Positioning businesses to meet requirements
  • Representing North Carolina to federal customers 
  • Conducting emerging technology forums
  • Serving as the North Carolina liaison to DoD and federal innovation offices.


DEFTECH diagram