Tech Area of Interest: Next Generation Small-Class Unmanned Undersea Vehicle

Friday, May 24, 2019

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Next Generation Small-Class Unmanned Undersea Vehicle:

The Department of Defense seeks submissions for an unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) capability to detect, classify, localize, and identify targets on the ocean floor and in the water column. Qualities of interest include 1) ease and speed of deployment, 2) flexibility in platform configuration, 3) ability to integrate third-party sensors, autonomy software, and variety in power sources, and 4) ease of commercial and military transportation.

Cylindrical platforms (i.e. torpedo shape) are not the sole form factor of interest in this project. However, size, weight, and power attributes are important elements of small-class UUV systems. Due to US Navy UUV classification standards, cylindrical solutions must have a diameter of less than 10 inches, a length of less than 99 inches, and a weight of less than 240 pounds. Non-cylindrical form factors must meet the weight constraints to satisfy expeditionary transport, operation, and maintenance concepts. The vehicle should be able to operate in water depths exceeding 1,000 feet of sea water, to conduct an eighteen-hour mission, and to store sensitive information in an encrypted manner. Vendors selected for phase two will deliver an in-person pitch as well as a UUV demonstration in San Diego, CA in mid-July 2019. The demonstration event will allow the evaluation team to assess the current maturity of the proposed solution. NOTICE: The Government will not provide funding for company participation in the demonstration.

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PLEASE NOTE: This Area of Interest solicitation will be awarded in accordance with the Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) process detailed within HQ0845-19-S-C001 (DIU CSO), posted to FBO in Apr 2019. Additionally this document can be found within the DIU Library at

 Submissions accepted from 05/20/2019 10:30 to 05/31/2019 23:59 PT


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