Army SbT/DUE MATDEV CoP: FY19+ Materiel Experiment Planning Sources Sought Posting

Monday, January 14, 2019

Solicitation number is W15QKN-19-X-04ZH[CAUTION]


The initial capability concepts and attributes are driven by the output from the FY17/18 series of the dense urban environment workshops, culminating in the TTX, held 05-08 November 2018.


The RFI is open until 21 February 2019 and a follow on teleconference at the end of January 2019 will be scheduled (calendar invite to follow) to discuss the path forward post announcement closing and receipt of submissions to target an in-person working session towards the end of February/early March 2019 with specific operational and technical subject matter experts.


Operational and technical subject matter experts will help shape, select and establish cooperative agreements for the most promising submissions for experimentation towards end state capability concepts, to include the assessment criteria (MOEs/MOPs) against applicable tactical tasks and exploring the standard of each task with enabling materiel.

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