NC Success Story with the Defense Innovation Unit ***Congratulations LAT Enterprises (dba MediPak Energy Systems)***

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

DIUx held the first annual Tactical Power Technical Exchange in the late July of this year. DIU contacted NC DEFTECH inquiring about potential relevant innovative technologies available in the NC, and they needed the information quickly.   DEFTECH examined its network of registered DEFTECH companies with relevant power technologies and submitted brief synopsis of 16 NC companies.  DIU down selected 4 and worked with DEFTECH to affect coordination and phone call interviews.

LAT Enterprises (dba MediPak Energy Systems)in Raleigh was alerted to the competition for the opportunity to present by NC DEFTECH who coordinated with the DIU central POC and facilitated a short phone call with  MediPak that resulted in an invitation to present its technology to DIU in Cambridge, MA.

Once in Cambridge,  Laura Thiel and Giancarlo Urzi had 15 minutes to present the company’s technology and used 2 case studies to illustrate the proprietary technology, the company’s solutions ethos and their practical, down to earth approach, within their niche market:  Special Operations and Joint Tactical Air Controllers.

The DoD participants received the presentation warmly and were surprised to learn that the DoD’s primary tactical battery is no longer eligible to fly on commercial aircraft. Laura and Giancarlo met a potential tactical solar supplier (SMB Solar, Concord, NC) technology can augment MediPak’s Energy System and the companies have already co-developed their first prototype.

In addition, a contractor for the Air Force is actively scanning the AF stakeholders in order to see who may benefit from LAT’s unique wearable power offering.

The extensive contacts made at DIU will can only help bear fruit as warfighters continue to work with DIU to find solutions to specific tactical power needs.

Congratulations to Laura and Urzi of LAT Enterprises (dba MediPak Energy Systems) !!