Air Force AFWERX USAF New Helmet Challenge Due 8 Oct 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018

We need your innovative solutions!

The USAF has allocated up to $20 million to redesign and replace the Fixed Wing (plane) helmet used by pilots and aircrew. Whether you make or design entire helmet systems or just components that are, or might be related, we’re challenging you to help us create the helmet of the future. 

This challenge is a new initiative for USAF and uses the AFWERX team and process to find people with the ideas, components, materials and technologies to improve the Fixed Wing Aircrew Helmet. Even if you aren’t sure your technology could be used in a USAF helmet still submit your ideas so we can engage with you.

The helmet of tomorrow needs to be lightweight, comfortable, stable, improved noise protection, have better thermal management and the ability to tailor the helmet for different needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to enhance aircrew performance, safety and satisfaction.

What’s in it for you?

  • Chance to participate in $500K + of prototype and experimentation funding
  • Chance to participate in a $20M + government contract
  • Potential SBIR funding, please ensure your company has a DUNS number for consideration
  • Potential invitation to attend the Challenge Showcase event in Las Vegas to meet peers and USAF customers
  • Official recognition for your company or idea
  • Peer and customer collaboration with industry and the government
  • You will be helping the USAF and improving the lives of the people that keep us safe

Who are we looking for with this challenge?

People/teams/enterprises/academics/government entities that:

  • Make, or have expertise in, one component of the helmet system
  • Make, or have expertise in, entire helmet systems
  • Make interfaces to external components
  • Integrate helmet components into helmet systems

You could have:

  • An idea
  • A prototype
  • An entire helmet system solution already being deployed and earning revenue

You could be in the US or other allied countries

Please share with your networks!

We ask you to share this with your personal and professional networks in case somebody you know might have a solution. 

The submission deadline is October 8.

To learn more, check out our social media and visit:

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