AFWERX: Advanced Microelectronics Autonomous Open Challenge

Monday, October 1, 2018

Advanced microelectronics autonomous open challenge

Air Force Research Labs in partnership with AFWERX are launching the Advanced Microelectronics Autonomous Challenge in October 2018. The challenge will be open for submissions from 22 October through until 15 January 2019. The Challenge will be seeking solutions using advanced microelectronics in autonomous vehicles, e.g. drone or other vehicle relevant for both commercial and military applications, to secure and advance autonomy, communication, on board sensing, processing, localization, telemetry, and navigation.

This is part of a $2B government initiative with $10M+ that has been budgeted to this challenge for prototyping support.

We are seeking to rapidly increase capability, but also provide the needed levels of assurance to use them in operational environments.

  • Capability: We are wanting to leverage the specialization of advanced 14/16nm microelectronics to improve Size, Weight, Assurance, Power (SWAP) and performance.  
  • Assurance: assurance is very important for military applications and is also becoming increasingly important for commercial applications. The Assurance area should include security aspects of authentication, trusted communications, provenance, and mitigation of vulnerabilities.

The Air Force wants to support through this process by providing a cloud based development environment, design and verification tools, intellectual property, a simulation prototype environment, design expertise support, and fabrication access.