Request for White Papers Army Network Cross Functional Team

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Army Network Cross Functional Team Technical Industry Forum

Solicitation Number: W15P7T-18-R-NCFT

Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - APG (W15P7T) Division B

The Army is seeking whitepapers, no more than five (5) pages in length, on Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) and Non-Developmental Item (NDI) solutions to the topic areas listed below. If you have a solution that satisfies multiple topic areas please indicate so in your executive summary. The Army is interested in solutions that are available for demonstration and experimentation.

The intent of this Request for Information (RFI) is to obtain a breadth and depth of information on current and emerging market capabilities to inform future Army Investment recommendations, Army requirements documentation, and other acquisition documentation. Several Army organizations will be involved in the assessment of the whitepapers across different areas in the acquisition cycles. It is highly recommended that respondents clearly identify and support claimed maturity levels so that the information is provided to the appropriate organization relative to the solutions' maturity.

Interested parties should provide their electronic response NLT Friday 14 September 2018 @ 1600 ET in accordance with the instructions in Attachment 0001-Request for Whitepapers.

Vendor solutions do not need to address all sub-topics within the topic areas problem space. The topics numbers correspond to the Panels as briefed at the “Tactical Cloud” Technical Exchange Meeting 2 held in Raleigh NC Aug 1-2 2018.

Topic 1: The current network has multiple levels of identities and does not fully enable mission command. It lacks end-to-end interoperability, is very complex and fragile, not intuitive, and produces a very strong electromagnetic signature. Additionality, the network uses disparate equipment, data storage and services and moves through different layers of functionalities and transport.

Topic 2: Army Units are not aligned on a single baseline–often requiring units to integrate legacy technology into advantaged environments. The Army has unique constraints to include temporary infrastructures, moderate to limited connectivity, SWaP constraints (2 man carry max), power and cooling fluctuations and irregular shut down and restart. The Common Operating Environment (COE) is distributed and incorporates various programs of record onto a common SW and HW baseline.

Topic 3: We need to effectively share common services between tactical and enterprise environments and enable seamless sharing of data within the Army enterprise as well as with mission partners.

Topic 4: The Army lacks the ability to routinely and rapidly establish and/or join a Mission Partner Environment (MPE) Network that enables digital information exchange on a Mission Network, across War Fight Functions with digitally capable Unified Action Partners.