BARDA BAA Deadline and Submission Instructions

Raleigh, NC

Upcoming Funding Deadline for BAA

White papers, quad chart, and application form for the DRIVe special instructions to the BARDA BAA are due by 3:00 PM ET on Tuesday May 28th, 2019.
Focus areas are:

  • 15.1: Advanced Research and Development of Sepsis Diagnostics and Devices
  • 15.2: Post-sepsis Monitoring
  • 16.1: On-Person, Wearable, and Biosensing Devices (Host Response and Direct Pathogen Detection)

Steps to apply:

  1. Review Solicitation BAA-18-100-SOL-00003 on
  2. Schedule a meeting with the ENACT or Solving Sepsis team (strongly encouraged).
  3. Download the DRIVe Special Instructions Submission Form.*
  4. Complete the PDF form, Quad Chart, White Paper, and Addendum (ROM cost estimate).
  5. Email your submission to by 3:00PM ET on May 28th.
  6. You will receive an email notification confirming receipt within 5 business days. DRIVe personnel will review your white paper as described in the solicitation.
  7. DRIVe personnel will notify you of the outcome of that review and may invite you to submit a full proposal.
    *You must download the PDF, as filling it out in a browser window will disable some key functionality.


EZ-BAA Deadline Extended and Online Portal
The deadline for our EZ-BAA has been extended to 3:00 PM ET on November 15th, 2019.Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with a response as early as 30 days after submission.

DRIVe has a new online portal for submitting EZ-BAA applications (note Special Instructions to BARDA BAA are still submitted via email as noted above). The PDF applications will no longer be accepted. Companies must register for a profile in the online portal here, it can take up to 1 business day to account to be created.

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