USSOCOM is Scaling Vulcan to Serve the Broader Community

Raleigh, NC

Dear Partners,


On behalf of Howard Strahan, Deputy Director USSOCOM S&T, we would like to inform you that Vulcan is continuing its transition path towards serving the broader Government community.  Vulcan is fully operational and; hence, we invite you to leverage its capabilities to expose your latest solutions and innovations.


To clear up any confusion that may exist: USSOCOM is committed to Vulcan as a proven solution for technology scouting and collaboration.  Vulcan continues to support critical activities for the SOF community and produces significant results including the accelerated discovery and fielding of innovative solutions in support of the warfighter. Our partners in the Government enterprise have also adopted Vulcan as their platform of choice for technology scouting.  As a result, USSOCOM is currently working with DoD partners to scale Vulcan use and expand the power of the network.  


We will continue to keep you informed and look forward to further engagement with you at SOFIC 2019.


It takes a network!


Vulcan Team

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