North Carolina Defense Technology Transition Office

North Carolina Defense Technology Transition Office (DEFTECH)

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North Carolina Defense Technology Transition Office (DEFTECH)

DEFTECH Value Proposition

DEFTECH Mission: DEFTECH enables the NC Innovation Ecosystem to address complex national security problems.

DEFTECH Vision: North Carolina is the The Frontline of the Future, supporting the Nations defense and homeland security to provide technological overmatch in a changing Joint and Multi-Domain operational environment.

Sign up today to join the North Carolina Defense Technology (DEFTECH) Transition Office Network.  DEFTECH will assist with reviewing whitepapers and submissions to government solicitations for emerging technology requirements.  DEFTECH will keep you informed on emerging requirements and Broad Agency Announcements (BAA) across DoD, the DHS, and other federal agencies.

DEFTECH Website: Track federal technology opportunities and DEFTECH news.

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Join the DEFTECH Mobilize Community:

Goal: Increase awareness of federal technology opportunities, match companies to opportunities, increase submissions, and increase wins.  Community Lounge (people-centric) | Company Registry (organization-centric) | Opps Channel (emerging technology opportunity-centric) | CyberChats Channel (CMMC Cyber compliance group).

DEFTECH Coffee Call:

COFFEE CALL DETAILS: Every Friday, 0900 Eastern, Grab your Coffee, bring your ideas, and join the NC Defense Technology Transition (DEFTECH) Community for an open, informal, virtual “Coffee Call” to address your concerns and ideas regarding Innovation, Technology, and commensurate Leadership challenges.  Learn about Federal technology requirements and business opportunities. Network virtually over a cup of coffee and connect with like-minded people. Learn how your innovation and technology can be applied to solve national security problems.

DEFTECH Weekly Opps Update:

Purpose: The purpose of the DEFTECH Opps Update is to highlight the rapidly changing federal technology landscape.  There are opportunities where NC companies can team and submit and be very competitive in meeting emerging federal technology requirements.

Friday’s: 0830 – 0900 | Website

Listen to the DEFTECH Podcast: NC DEFTECH Defense Technology Talks

NC DEFTECH Defense Technology Talks is a podcast that allows listeners to learn more about the North Carolina Innovation Ecosystem. NC DEFTECH provides insights to assist in Business Development, Teaming Opportunities, and winning Government Contracts.

DEFTECH TIDE: Technology, Innovation, Demonstration, and Experimentation Program


The DEFTECH TIDE Program provides an opportunity for technology developers to demonstrate and experiment with new and evolving technological capabilities in an operationally relevant environment and obtain insight into federal technology gaps and emerging needs.

North Carolina Defense Technology Transition Office

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Questions or to learn more contact Dennis Lewis (703) 217-3127 or Bob Burton  (910) 824-9609

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